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Quran for kids education lying prohibited

To attribute any statement towards someone which was not his/her or them, is lying. Conversion of active voice into passive voice or changing from direct conversation into indirect conversation is not considered as lying as long as the meanings are not changed. If the meaning is changed then it will not remain the purpose of original statement. So it will be taken as lying. Not only in Islam but also nearly all religions consider it bad.

Holy Prophet may Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace said, O people ! Beware that I am telling you about big sins. Sharing with Allah, Disobeying the parents and lying. At another place it is narrated that if all the evils are locked in a room, lying is the only key. It means that lying opens the door to evils. When a Muslim is lying , seventy thousand angels curse him. A strong unpleasant stink appears from his heart and soul which spreads  till Arsh.

No doubt there is no any other sin as compared to lying. Some lies are the cause of quarrels among people. Similarly due to some lies, fighting can takes place among tribes. Due to such lies, uncounted lives get ruined. A judge or jury declares the judgement on the basis of evidences. False evidences may lead to false judgement. An innocent can be considered as Criminal. If someone lies in the name of Islam, Koran Karim, Holy Prophet or in the name of Allah. His sin is unforgivable. Now a days we listen about Islamic militants groups in different countries. Their leaders lied in the name of Allah. They misguided people and the result is in front of us. All the Muslim Ummah is suffering .

Due to lying of one person , a lot of people suffer physically , mentally and economically. As much as the people suffer the sin will be bigger. Complete abstaining from all types of lies is compulsory as per quran for kids you are first school if u tell a lie in front of them they will learn from you. There is no Optimization in telling lies, either in serious issue or in jokes. Even you should not make promise with your kids if you do not intend to do so.

Allah says in Surat Nahal that only those people tell a lie who do not believe in signs of Allah. In Surat Zumr Allah says that Truly Allah does not provide guidance to liar and Ungrateful persons. It is clear from the ayahs of Koran Karim and sayings of Holy Prophet may Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace. A Muslim must avoid telling lies ever and ever.  Parents are responsible for their kids proper teaching and training.  We have arranged online teaching of quran  for kids .  We teach basic Islamic knowledge to make your kids good Muslim.

Quran For Kids , Prophets names

Koran Karim mentions the name of following these prophets, and describes about few other prophets but does not name them. We believe the names as such as these are mentioned in the koran karim. We have mentioned the names of prophets from quran for kids we have written the English names too.
Adam A.S ( in English Adem)
Idris A.S ( in English Enoch)
Uzair A.S ( in English Ezra)
Ibrahim A.S ( in English Abraham)
Lut A.S ( in English Lot)
Ismail A.S ( in English Ishmael)
Is’haq A.S ( in English Isaac)
Yaqub A.S ( in English Jacob)
Ayoub A.S ( in English Job)
Yusuf A.S ( in English Joseph)
Yusa A.S ( in English Joshua)
Shuaib A.S ( in English Jethro)
Musa A.S ( in English Moses)
Harun A.S ( in English Aaron)
Dhul-Kifl A.S ( in English Ezekiel)
Dawud A.S ( in English David )
Samoel A.S ( in English Samuel)
Suleiman A.S ( in English Solomon )
Ilias A.S ( in English Elijah )
Alyasa A.S ( in English Elisha)
Younis A.S ( in English Jonah )
Zakaria A.S ( in English Zechariah )
Issa A.S ( in English Jesus)
Hadhrat Muhammad May Allah bless him and his holy progeny with peace.

We will discuss few stories of Prophets from Koran Karim

Prophet Ibrahim A.S is also named as Friend of Allah (Khail ullah). He is Father of 25000 Prophets. Our Holy Prophet Hadhrat Mohammad Peace be upon and his progeny himself said that he was one of the pray of Prophet Ibrahim. Allah has described him as being an Ummah in Koran Karim in sorah Nahal 16in ayat nubmer from 120 to 123. Jew-ism, Christianity and Islam all trace roots back to him. Most of the Muslims mention the name of Hadhrat Ibrahim AS  his progeny in prayers, at least 5 times a day.

Holy Prophet said that every child is born upon the nature. His parents make him a Jew or Christian etc. Learning is fundamental in human life. Success and failure depends on not only in this world but  also the way to heaven and hell depends upon the knowledge and acts under the learning. Now a days Muslims are far from the process of learning. Islam is the second largest religion of the world but there is no research, no invention . Neither they have passion to do it. Arab are rich due to oil wealth but a major portion of wealth is going to non Muslims due their knowledge . In under developed countries you may see numerous mosques but no laboratories. There are madaris from where scholars come out less and more are Chuckle-headed. Important necessity of today is education. Koran Karim says at numerous places to think, to consider , to use wisdom .

Muslims of today collectively do not follow these orders. They use Quran for Forgiveness of their dead dear ones only while it is for living ones too. Holy Prophet and his trained personalities implemented it in their daily life. They did business as per instructions of Koran Karim. We do business as the per instructions of Jews. We fear from future of this life but we do not fear from future of The Judgement day. Koran Karim orders to spend money for humanity while we reserve it in bank and survive on interest.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam , read quran for kids , under stand quran for your own and follow quran for the Judgement day. We have arranged one to one quran learning classes . Charges are very minimal. We spend large amount of our earning in different ways lets spend just a cup of coffee too to learn quran. So that we can understand and follow it in proper way. For booking a class please fill out the form in contact us section.


Man is a social animal if not social just an animal. How the society develops? When people live together, work for one another , help one another. Social civilization divides the rights and responsibility among people. If someone is working for someone , he must pay him. If someone is ill , others must care about it. If someone becomes disable other members facilitate him to survive. This is not only the responsibility of state but also the persons also play roles. State can make rules and implement the rules. State can not produce sympathy. Feelings are internally developed and not by force. These sympathetic feelings are base of humanity.

Some people think that human being is  an evolved form of animals. We see a limited family relationship in some species of animal life too. However most of the animals live solo life especially after puberty. We see this type of behavior in so called civilized societies too. Just reaching the age of teen , everyone want to live an independent life without parents. There is a big difference between the young ones of an animal and human being.  Young ones of Goat can walk on his legs and take milk from his mother just after the few hours of his birth. Duck’s young ones know how to swim since birth. Deer’s young ones are able to jump, walk and even run after the few hours of their birth. While the matter for human beings is totally different. Parents have to provide food, shelter , care , love , affections for a long time period. It takes years for a human child to become able to survive on his own. Human live in a family where the duties are divided. Father have to earn to support financially. Mothers spend nights in caring their kids.

In modern and civilized societies specially and in under developing countries generally, the trend to live independently is increasing more and more . There are multiple reason behind this trend. One of them is lack of knowledge about Islam. Religions are a mere collection of rituals only while Islam with its divine rules provides a nice way to live life. Do you know about the longest ayah of Koran Karim. It is about borrowing. In this ayah Allah orders us to make the dealing in writing. So that no one can deceive anyone and chances of quarrel are also reduced by making written contract. If someone do not know how to write , he may take help of a lawyer . If a Muslim is not available, take the help from non Muslims. Islam wants peace and correlation in society. All human beings have rights according to Quran For kids this lesson is very important. Your neighbors have rights. Do not disturb your neighbors. Islam respects humanity. Cruel acts of some non sense people have masked the true face of Islam. There is no race color or regional basis discrimination. Each and every person has its own rights and responsibilities.  The imbalance takes place in social relations when someone don’t pay his duties and demands for his rights.

In the last I want to say few words to our youth. If you want to be a good Muslim then spend your energies in helping the other members of society . According Koran Karim ,Helping is not just the financial help. It can be emotional help, may be some one just needs your few mints. Remember you were a kid and your parents and other family members spent their time and money with you . Now it is your turn. You have to spend time and money on your kids and parents booth. It is not the matter of investing. It is the matter of humanity. In future your generations will pay you and this circle will continue till the judgment day. If you don’t do so , Allah will create other sources because HE knows well how to care HIS creature. But you will be in total loss at the end.

Dear Youth follow quran for kids , you are first school for your kids.  Sayings have less minimal impact and practice has maximal impact .We have arranged one to one class of teaching quran for kids. Join us for you and your kids there is no age limit in learning .


Believing in all prophets is compulsory in Islam. Basic source of information were prophets. They delivered the messages of Allah to people in the best possible manner. All prophets were 100% on straight path. They performed their duties in the best possible manner. After the passage of any prophet , his followers mixed up their customs and their personal wishes with the message of God. For next generations the truth became hidden so Allah sent another messenger to guide HIS creature. Prophets were best creature of God. Lucky were those who found the time of messengers and followed them. Allah sent his last and final messenger Hadhrat Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny .

Allah took the responsibility of saving HIS message on HIS own. This is one of the reason that Muslim believe that Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny is the final and the last messenger of Allah. Now no new messenger will born. There will be no change in divine rules now. Whatever guidance Allah wanted to send to HIS creature, HE sent via our Holy Prophet. Even the Jesus will follow the messages provided by Hardhat Muhammad when He will come again. The Jesus peace be upon him will not bring any new message whenever he will arrive again as per quran For kids these informations are necessary as these are the basic beliefs for a Muslim. Doubt in the authenticity of any Prophet is not allowed. We don’t know exactly the numbers and names of all Prophets. It is said that one lakh and twenty four thousands prophets were sent  on this earth. The first one was Hardhat Adam peace be upon him and the last one was our Holy Prophet Hardhat Muhammad peace be upon him and his progeny.

We have collected few points from quran for kids, It is requested to teach them so that their belief will be on right way about messengers.

Since the arrival of first messenger till the last and final messenger, all were male. This was purely Allah’s decision we don’t know the reasons. It does not mean that there are some preferences to males or females are inferior . No difference in performing their respective duties.

No one can become prophet or messenger on his own. This is purely Allah’s work. It was only and only HIS own decision he selected the prophets and sent them on Earth. All prophets were by birth prophets even we can say that all prophets were prophets before their birth and will remain as prophet after death. All prophets are respected . Being a Muslim we are not allowed to differentiate. among prophets.

Prophets were representatives of God, whatever they told us was purely from Allah. They never gave any decision on their own. All their sayings were from Allah. It was impossible for any prophet to hide any order of Allah .  All prophets performed their duties well and conveyed all orders of Allah to people . Prophets were free from sin. Prophets are standard , whatever they did was right , whatever they told was true. Pois of a man can be measured in this way that how much he/ she is following the prophet. Following of prophets remained thumb rule . Now till the judgment day, every one should follow our Holy Prophet Peace be upon him and his progeny. Following Holy Prophet is following Allah actually. Disobeying prophet means disobeying Allah. Every act and every order of prophet is for following unless it is specified for prophet only.

We teach quran for kids and elders via skype, We also teach basic Islamic knowledge so that our next generation may become good Muslim.


Every person wants that there should be reward for good deeds and punishment for bad deeds. Logic also demands so. Since the beginning of world, all the courts or judging authorities work on this formula. Some people may raise the question that when the courts are working their jobs and they are deciding the disputes in best possible manner and their decisions are being implemented then why wait for another day for judgment?

The answer is simple . Do all the courts of law are working in the way as it is supposed to do so ? All the criminals are being punished or there are some criminals who deceive with their tricks? Of Course there are a lot of criminals who deceive the courts of law. Furthermore we can provide a long long list of criminals from history to support our claim. Halaku Khan, Changaiz khan, Hitler or Mussolini were never presented in front of any court of law. History tells us about a long list of criminals who were praised and admired by their courts for their criminal acts. What the logic say that these criminals should be punished or not ? Righteous logic will support the demand of punishment . This demand is known as QIYAMAH or The Judgment Day in Islamic teachings.

Quran tells us in different verses about The Judgment Day Quran insists on the occurrence of The Judgment Day so that a Muslim may avoid from bad deeds and do do good deeds.  A verse of surah Namal says that They ask about The Judgment Day, say them that it will come and it is near . When Holy Prophet preached the people asked that how we will be alive again once we are dead. Allah replied in Koran Karim in surah waqeah ayat number 47 to 50

they used to say,”When we will convert into bones and will decay into dust, You say that we will get a new life and our fathers who had died times ago and are part of dust of now, will  be alive again?  (My messenger ) inform them that surely one day you and your next and previous generations will gather to answer about their deeds, the time for that day is appointed.

Belief on The Judgment Day is not a hindrance. It is a motivated and initiative way to help others. Good deeds will be rewarded on The Judgment Day as per quran For kids this knowledge is very necessary. When you teach your kid to speak the truth or help others. You should tell your kid that everything is being noted in this world and on The Judgment Day you will be rewarded. There are rewards for obeying the parents.

Similarly there is punishment for bad deeds. Teach your kid that every bad deed is counted as sin and all will be answerable on The Judgment Day for their deeds. So we should not tease someone. We should not call someone with bad names. One may be in trouble if he / she do not respect his / her elders. Learn quran for kids and for your own. Please remember that practice is far more effective than sayings. If you do good deeds your kids will learn doing good.

 We have section on our website for Quran learning . Our qualified qari are teaching quran for kids. Our staff also tell about moral values . Join us  so that your kids will become a good Muslim and good person.


We will discuss few Beloved and recommended  Moral attributes which are Required by Islam in daily life. Obviously we can not cover all the required Moral attributes in few lines. We will try our best to convey the message as much as possible. It is duty of every Muslim to convey the knowledge whatever he / she has and ask the questions to improve his/her knowledge . The process of this learning starts from the first day . First word of wahi is an order “READ” in Quran For kids learning is more necessary as their minds always remain busy in getting knowledge about new things.

Sabr is one of a Moral attribute required by Islam in our daily life. The word Patience is used as a translation of sabr in English however the word patience can not define this term in its true sense. Its literal meanings are to stop or to bind. In The Islamic term it means perseverance which a human being shows in way of God while evil forces are try to distract his/her attention. It is not an act of few mints or few days. A Muslim may have to have to show his/her sabr in every aspect of his life. He /she may have to face his/her own heart, or with other family members or near ones or neighbors or even the whole society. Now a days most of you may suffer due to international politics . Evil forces provide latest weapons to mentally retarded people , the so called Muslims, and whole Muslim nation throughout the whole world is suffering . No news channel highlights that from where the militants get latest weapons. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan or any other Muslim country do not have laboratories or factories. Anyhow we have to face all these with patience. Allah, the real lord and owner of all praises says in Holy quran that surely Allah is with them who show patience.

Islam insists to speak truth , stay with truth and facilitate to make the society Fearless in speaking truth. According to Islamic point of view all messengers of Allah were Pioneers in speaking truth. Whatever all the messengers presented was truth and they suffered a lot with patience. In Koran Karim our Lord Allah orders to stand with Truthful people. Our beloved Holy Prophet May Allah bless him and his progeny with peace was famous as Sadiq ( the person who always speaks truth). Hadhrat Muhammad May Allah bless him and his progeny with peace said that truth redeems while Lies destroys . Speaking truth is  border line limit between real believers and The Hypocrites.

It is observed that some of us don’t show patience in their routine life. Husband don’t behave with patience with their wives. Issue is small and their reaction is big. Even some people break their homes due to lack of patience. Similarly some wives don’t show patience with their husband. Self respect is very precious for everyone. We consider it precious for our selves and priceless for others. When kids see such behavior, it is engraved in their minds. When your kids will grow they will also behave in this way with their spouse. According to Quran for kids and their mothers, husband is responsible for their economic needs. Keep in mind that the bigger is responsibility the bigger patience you have to show. Even in the case of death of father , the near relatives of father are more responsible to fulfill the needs of kids. Save yourselves from hell fire. On judgment day no one will help you. Today is the time of sowing the crops and on judgment day you will have to reap. Follow the orders of Koran Karim in your daily life so that you will go Janna. If you show patience and speak truth, your kids will learn to act with patience and speaking truth.

We have started online teaching of quran for kids and elders. Join us to learn quran.

Khubaib bin Adi Ansari R.A

After listening the name of Khubaib May allah bless him, sons of Haris rushed to purchase him, along them were other people whose loved one were also killed in ghazawah a badar. They got them and tied with chains. They kept him hungry and thirsty. Koran Karim tells us that when Hadhrat Zikriya visited Hadhrat Maryam he found some out of season fruits there. He asked about these fruits , Maryam from where did you get these fruits? Maryam replied ,” It Is from My Lord Allah, Surely Allah gives countless to whom HE wants to give.” Learn these stories from quran for kids to increase their affection and love with Maryam and Jesus Salam ullah alayhuma.
One day daughter of Haris saw that Khubaib May Allah bless him was eating grapes. She ran outside and announced that she saw grapes in the hands of Khubaib May Allah bless him. She solemnly said that I saw grapes in his hand while he was tied in chains and this is not the season of grapes in Makkah. I think that grapes were the food which given to Khubaib May Allah bless him by Allah with unseen sources. “
Allah has all the authorities and providing food in such a way is not outside of HIS authorities. Pagan killed Hadhrat Zaid May Allah bless him and told Khubaib May Allah bless him thinking that he may be shocked and nervous after listening this sad news. They were expecting that Khubaib May Allah bless him might request for mercy or his life. Pagans remained stunt as Khubaib May Allah bless him remained calm there were no fear on his face .
They decided to kill him but he remained calm even after listening about this decision. One day before his death a kid got a knife from somewhere and crawled towards the place where Khubaib May Allah bless him was tied in chains. Suddenly the mother of kid saw that his kid was in the approach of Khubaib May Allah bless him and there was knife too. She became frightened. Her voice became stopped due to fear. She thought that Khubaib May Allah bless him might kill her innocent kid . When Khubaib May Allah bless him saw her, he replied that our holy prophet taught us humanity. We do not kill kids. We are not supposed to tease innocent. See the level of the kindness of companions of Holy Prophet that he was kind to the kids of his worst enemies. Now a days the militants feel proud in killing unarmed civil population. Countless men, women, kids have been killed in suicide attacks in the name of Islam. Islam is against such acts. There is no base of such acts from quran for kids there is just kindness, for innocent there is just kindness.
A place named TANEEM was selected to hang him. He demanded some time to offer prayer. Pagans permitted thinking that might he wanted to leave Islam. They were unaware about the  strength of belief. Khubaib May Allah bless him offered two raka prayer and said ,”By God, if you do not think that I am afraid of death, I certainly recite Koran Karim more long”. Then he raised his hands towards sky and said , ” O Allah Count all of them and torn them into pieces”. He turned towards pagans and read a short poem, the meaning of that poem was like , ” And when I am taking my last breath as a Muslim I don’t care how I will fell after killing. Either it is on side or straight or even I fell and my face is Downward. I will give my life for Allah only and death for Allah’s cause is a gift . Allah can bless in my broken bones and pieces if HE wants to do so.”
Enemies of Islam prepared a big Place of execution, They wrapped his body tightly with stems of dates and kill him.

Quran for kids Education

It was just like a Barbaric Festival. The time was passing and people were gathering more and more. Crowd was raising its sounds singing with beating drums and doing Brutal dancing. They were shouting in joy same like Hyenas shout at the the time of hunting any old lion. Yes a lion, Khubaib bin Adi Ansari, was going to kill in the name of Islam. He was captured and then was sold as a slave. Pagans were unable to even touch him so they took this chance as a golden chance to fulfill their Internal satanic desires.

Khubaib bin Adi Ansari may allah bestow his blessings on him was one of the companion of our Holy Prophet. Ethnically he was from yasrab, Madina munawarah. He belonged to OUS tribe of madina. When Holy Prophet moved Madina, he visited holy prophet many times and ultimately believed in one God and His final messenger. He had a sweetheart, Pure soul and Fruitful conscience.

Khubaib bin Adi Ansari may allah bestow his blessings on him appeared as a brave soldier at the time of Ghazwa a Badar ( The war in which Holy Prophet took part himself, in islamic term it is known as ghazwah). He played Leading fighters role during the war. In the Beginning of battle he was was encircled by opponents. He showed the ability of his sword and removed blockade. Many of the opponents ran away and Haris bin Amir bin Nofil was killed him. War ended, non-believers turned back to mecca. Sons of Haris inquired about the name of the killer of their father. They included the name of Khubaib bin Adi Ansari may allah bestow his blessings on him in the list of their worst enemies.

Muslim won the war and turned back with the passions of Formation and reconstruction of society. 90 men were captured in the war, before Islam there was no concept of treating the prisoners as even human beings. Holy prophet educated people the actual way of humanity. True and right way of living life can only be learn from quran for kids the prisoners became their educators. Prisoners have to teach the basic education to muslims kids. If someone was unable to pay.

Do you know what was The first word of wahi?? It was IQRA (read), The first word of quran for kids how much education is compulsory it can be seen in sunnah. There is no gender discrimination in learning. Where will be those people on judgment day who restrict girls in getting education in the name of Islam???

It is stated that some people from Uthul tribe and Qara tribe visited Madinah. They requested Hadhrat Muhammad , Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, to send some of his companions in the their area as teachers. So that their fellow tribesmen may get some learning about the teachings of Islam. Holy prophet sent 10 people towards them . On their way, A tribe named banu-lihaan attacked on them. Nearly one hundred armed people tried to capture them. They encircled them and during this process 8 companions of holy prophet martyred while Khubaib and Zaid bin Adathna may Allah bless them were Incarcerated alive.

Even If a mountain of gold was given as price for them I think it was less. The price for Khubaib and Zaid was taken as hundred camels. According to Arab traditions no one was supposed to take the revenge of war in this way but victims were Muslims then so the traditions were changed. They violated their own rules to cold their fire of revenge. We can observe this practice in today’s so called civilized society too. Every unlawful act of any Muslim goes into the account of Islam. No one even bother to analyze that it was his personal act or it was the teachings of his religion. Educate yourself and your family members. Quran for kids and Quran for young, Quran for old. If we want to fill the the earth with peace we have to spread the education of Koran Karim.

Marriage in Islam

Marriage is considered a part of worship in Islam. It is an act that is pleasing to our Actual Lord. It is part of human nature to live in relationship. Allah orders to make this relationship open and puts some duties on men as husband and some duties on women as wife. It is in accordance with His commandments that couple should hide the deficiencies of each other and love each other. As per Koran Karim husbands and wives both, are responsible for bringing up and caring of their kids. They should help one another in making their kids as the true servants of God.

People start their married life with hopes and rosy dreams. Obviously it is a good thing. Hope is base for life and good hopes are bases for good life but the problem starts when people expect much . Consider your partner a human being, not a super natural creature. Your partner loves you but there are other relations too in life. Most of that relations existed before even listening your name. How someone can leave all previous relations and why someone should leave ???

That is one of the reason that many individuals fail to find as much satisfaction with their spouse as it should be  in their relationships. It is fact that all marriages change over time. There are numerous reasons for this change. Most are under control and very rare are beyond the control. Achieving a Strong Marriage Bond needs hard work. Couples can keep their marriages strong and enjoyable by following Quran for kids .

One of key for successful marriage is molding. People change their dress due to weather, change their behavior with boss and subordinate but don’t want to mold their preferences with their spouse which deserves far more than strangers. According to Koran Karim wife and husband are just like dress for each other. Acceptance of your partner wishes is necessary for a nice relationship. People think that their spouses should accept them for who they are. If you want to feel valued and respected why not your spouse. If partners cannot accept the preferences of their spouses, there will be Conflict in marriage.

If a men wants to tease his wife he solemnifies for not keeping sexual relations with her. Koran Karim imposed a check on such conditions.  In the ancient times it was Arabic Culture and this practice is still valid in under developed countries . If a man does such there is a period of 90 days only. Either he must live a like a normal sexual life with his wife or he have to divorce her. There is no concept of living without sexual relations without any acceptable reason for both parties.  It seems very natural — why will two people remain in marriage contract if they are unable to live like normal married couples? Sexual relations are base for love, affiliation and affection for wife and husband. Love and respect for each other is compulsory, this is according to teaching of Quran For kids parents are primary institute of learning.

It is sad but it is fact that we have forgotten the true teachings of Islam. We don’t read Koran Karim. Even If we read it , we don’t implement it in our daily lives. We have to learn Quran for kids, for our youth, for our old. If we are good Muslim we can hope for our generations to be  good Muslim.

Justice In Islam

quran for kids
quran for kids

Koran Karim  says.

Allah enjoins to do justice and to adopt good behavior and to give relatives (their due rights), and forbids shameful acts, evil deeds and oppressive attitude. He encourages you, so that you may be aware . “

We will discuss all the quranic orders in this ayah step wise so that you may learn Quran  for kids and implement it in your daily life.

Islam, the best code of life, has great concern with peace and genuine respect for people. Islam demands  fair-mindedness and righteousness  morality from its followers. All Muslims should be a symbol of honesty and righteousness. In any society justice plays an important role in placing things in their rightful place.  Giving others equal treatment is compulsory.

Holy Prophet  of Islam declared:

“On Judgement day There will be no shade except Allah’s own shade . Allah will bestow  shelter under His shade to people of seven categories  One of them is justice.”

Allah says in a Hades a Qudsi

“Surely Allah has forbidden injustice for Himself and it is not allowed for you.  O My slaves, Don’t be unjust to one another.”

Allah says in Koran Karim ,in sorah number 57 ayat number 25 ,that Verily we have revealed the Scripture and the Balance in order so that our Messengers might lead people with justice. Justice represents moral rectitude and fairness so Islam considers it as a basic objective. There are numerous verses in Koran Karim

which clearly declares it as a supreme virtue. We are giving following
In Sorah Nahal 16th sorah Ayah number 90 Allah says “commands justice and fair dealing.

At an other place Allah orders

Group of believers , be upright for Allah, and (be) bearers of witness with justice” (Quran 5:8)

In simple words justice is an obligation of Islam and injustice is forbidden clearly. Koran Karim declares The Importance of Justice

“O Group of believers! You must be obey the commands of Allah and witnesses for justice. Hatred against any group of people should not prompt you in doing justice. Do justice as it will lead to nearer to Taqwa. Fear Allah. No doubt Allah know well and all about what you do.”

A verse At an other place states that  “I (Holy Prophet Peace be upon him) am commanded to judge justly between you.”

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam follow Koran Karim for you follow quran for kids . The only way for success and the path for success is Islam only. Yesterday 132 kids were brutally killed in Pakistan by 7 militants. I even don’t like to call such militants as Muslims as Islam teaches us to follow the sun-nah of Holy Prophet. It is clear from Quran and sun-nah of Holy Prophet that such acts are against Islam.  As per Islam and quran for kids and disable , There is extra  Compassion. Such militants are unaware from basic Islamic teaching.